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Echodrone / The Sun Rose in a Different Place (Download) SU-ECD002

Based in San Francisco, CA, Echodrone is a four piece band that makes tunes I would describe as "classic shoegaze". Their latest album "The Sun Rose in a Different Place" is their latest brilliant collection of songs that brandish a huge shoegaze sound with fully layered vocals and dreamy guitars that decay on forever. The album kicks off with the amazing song "Sway and Drown" and floats on to other genius tracks like "Winter Station", "Adrift in a Metaphor" and "Gravity". Check out the sample tracks and see why this is a favorite here at Solar Underground Music.

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  1. Sway And Drown
  2. Pack Of Wolves
  3. Winter Station
  4. Seeing The Forest For The Trees
  5. Adrift In A Metaphor
  6. Everything You Need
  7. Drive
  8. Gravity
  9. Sympathetic Vibrations